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MarcoPoloProtocol #2 #AMA Summary: #AMAwithKenny - How Marcopolo Protocol Designs a New P2P E-cash System?

2020.02.22 06:57 SamJia MarcoPoloProtocol #2 #AMA Summary: #AMAwithKenny - How Marcopolo Protocol Designs a New P2P E-cash System?

MarcoPoloProtocol #2 #AMA Summary: #AMAwithKenny - How Marcopolo Protocol Designs a New P2P E-cash System?
On February 21, MarcoPolo Protocol hosted the second online AMA on MarcoPolo Protocol English Telegram group ( and they invited MarcoPolo Protocol Core Developer Kenny as our guest to answer questions from the community.
Here are the highlights from the AMA event.
#AMAwithKenny Question 1: Please introduce yourself to everyone, also, could you tell us what is MarcoPolo Protocol?
Hello everybody, I’m Kenny. I got into the field of blockchain at the end of 2016, mainly working on the research and development of public chain consensus protocols. At the moment, I’m a core developer of MarcoPolo Protocol.
MarcoPolo Protocol is an open-source blockchain protocol strategically invested by Softbank. It is a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system infrastructure and aims to achieve shared resources and intelligent inter-chain scheduling and contribute to decentralized applications with better scalability and lower transaction fees among the global blockchain networks.
#AMAwithKenny Question 2: Please describe the progress of your project in the past year.
From the perspective of funding and partnership, Marcopolo protocol was caught sight by Softbank last year and got Softbank investment, followed by being listed on the renowned exchange Kucoin. Its partners range from the global international electronic payment company Ksher , as well as a strategic partnership from several chains including fundamental developer forces and industrial resources.
According to the first step of the road map, gravity has been implemented. It is a central component, and currently supports the resource sharing of truechain and Ethereum
Based on gravity, DAPP Marcopay and POB community governance DAPP are implemented.
Building a technology community and interacting with developers through online AMA, discord, and riot has attracted many developers' attention to map.
At the beginning of the development of POC-1, the consensus, output block and RPC module of POC-1 are constructed based on the rule language.
In terms of product and applications, MarcoPolo protocol has already implemented a wallet application called MarcoPay, which is used widely in the community. Roughly 70,000 users and community members at the moment. And it's growing rapidly.
We have cooperated with a company named Ksher, a global electronic payment company. At present, payment in some stores has been implemented in Thailand.
We have developed communities of over 70000 people, covering South Korea, Nigeria, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Russia. Also,our token has been listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.
#AMAwithKenny Question 3: Compared to Polkadot and Cosmos, what are the distinct and innovative parts of MarcoPolo Protocol? Is it still necessary to develop other public chains?
Polkadot empowers blockchain networks to work together under the protection of shared security; Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains and powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus.
Similar to the other two projects, MarcoPolo Protocol could improve the scalability and interoperability of the blockchain network.
The main differences are the properties of shared resources and intelligent inter-chain scheduling. This is MarcoPolo Protocol’s innovation.After Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the p2p e-cash system, various public chains proposed a variety of solutions in order to accomplish the p2p payment without a third party. With the future popularity of digital encrypted currency payment and exchange, increasing TPS is highly demanded. Relying only on a single chain to process transactions would not significantly improve the processing speed. Therefore, more chains are needed to perform collectively in order to achieve TPS sharing.
MarcoPolo Protocol intends to provide a convenient and economical way of p2p payment while fully utilizing resources from different blockchains.
#AMAwithKenny Question 4: Why do you join MarcoPolo Protocol? What attracts you the most?
MarcoPolo Protocol is an open-source community, which is formed by a large number of blockchain open source technology enthusiasts and professionals. People applied their expertise and innovative ideas in many perspectives such as theoretical research, promotion, coding, system engineering, etc.MarcoPolo Protocol is committed to creating a new peer-to-peer electronic cash system that truly fulfills the vision of Nakamoto.
#AMAwithKenny Question 5: Can you tell us more about how MarcoPolo Protocol achieves resource sharing among chains? What is the mechanism to accomplish intelligent inter-chain scheduling?
Good questions, let me answer them together.
In terms of sharing resources across chains, in MarcoPolo Protocol, we select the appropriate synerchain as the target isomorphic chain to process transactions and then realize the TPS sharing of synerchains through the MTP protocol;
MarcoPolo Protocol selects a secure, efficient, and low-cost third-party public chain as the target heterogeneous chain, and then uses the computing power of the target chain to deal with transactions. The process requires the related interact-chain to interact with the target chain through BRPC and then moving applications and transactions to the target chain in order to finish the transactions. Therefore, the target chain is considered as Layer 2 and processes the transactions in MarcoPolo Protocol. In this way, the TPS capacity of the whole MarcoPolo Protocol network can be expanded by stacking multiple target chains.
Intelligent scheduling across chains is the core of MarcoPolo Protocol. We wish to build interactions across chains through MTP+BRPC, so as to solve the problem of inter-chain interoperability.
**#AMAwithKenny Question 6: As most people know, the ecosystem determines the future of public chains. How does MarcoPolo Protocol think about its ecological construction?**First of all, I highly agree with the significance of the ecosystem for public chains. We believe that there is a natural demand for payment, exchange, and borrowing of digital cryptocurrencies in the future.
MarcoPolo Protocol primarily targets three application scenarios: Dpayment, DEX, and Defi. We are building an E-cash system infrastructure that will serve the whole blockchain ecosystem.
In the electronic cash system, DEX and Defi are two important applications. Currently, DEX and Defi are structured in a single chain or ecosystem. We wish that DAPPs built on MarcoPolo Protocol could share DEX and Defi achievements of other ecosystems.
#AMAwithKenny Question 7: How many people in the MarcoPolo Protocol team?
Now the team has more than 30 people, more than 20 developers, 5 marketing staff, 7 operating staff, and distributed offices in many countries. They come from Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, China, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and other countries.
#AMAwithKenny Question 8: What does the technical roadmap look like and what more is coming from MarcoPolo Protocol? At which development stage is it in right now?
MarcoPolo Protocol Road Map:The First Phase 2019.Q1Gravity: the interoperability module Gravity has been developed, which realized useable interoperability between third-generation public chain and high consensus digital currency such as BTC and ETH, will share computing power and performance gradually expand to more high-performance public chain through interoperability.The Second Phase 2019.Q3 Electromagnet: Online retail payment application - MarcoPay POB Community Governance DAPP.The Third Phase 2020.Q4Interaction: Independently developed MarcoPolo main Network StandardChain will be launched, achieving APoS, On-chain governance, Architecture design of InteractChain.The Fourth Phase 2022.Q2Grand Unification: The realization of heterogeneous cross-chain operability, resource sharing between chains. At present, core team members concentrate on the research and design the protocol. StandardChain is still in its early-stage proof of concept.
Also, during this stage, we launched MarcoPay DAPP. You can download it here and use it:
In addition, we are having an Airdrop activity right now (, you can join it and win MAPC and swap your MAPC to MAP on MarcoPay APP
#AMAwithKenny Question 9: MarcoPolo Protocol technical community has attracted developers from Bitcoin and Cosmos. Could you please talk about how to participate in the technical community?
MarcoPolo Protocol technical community encourages researchers, technology evangelists, and developers to participate. After the protocol passed through the PoC phase and was able to be implemented in modules, we definitely need more developers to join the community. After sorting out the research topics, we will share with everyone on the Discord and Riot channels in our technical community.Click the link below to join the community to know the up-to-date progress and take part in the discussion.Discord:
**#AMAwithKenny Question 10: Developers are essential to the development of the technical community. Could you please tell us what are the incentives of MarcoPolo protocol in this regard?**Regarding the motivation mechanism, as far as I know, MarcoPolo has set up a pool of 9% of MAP for incentives to the technical community. The incentives are mainly used in two aspects: technology and community.
Technology has three parts: research, technical promotion, and development;
Community includes online AMA, Meet-ups, Workshops, etc. MarcoPolo Protocol has been actively exploring ways to motivate great and talented people to get involved in this open-source project through different levels.
#AMAwithKenny Question 11: What’s the advantage of MarcoPolo Protocol’s APoS consensus? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared with PoS? And what problems APoS has solved?
APoS is an Assets Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. There are three advantages:
  1. It supports multiple digital cryptocurrency staking, more people can participate in the ecosystem
  2. it can protect assets, people are still keeping their original BTC or ETH, they just staked into APoS system
  3. It solves the problem of easy centralization in the traditional PoS/DPoS consensus mechanism
#AMAwithKenny Question 12: Are there any new products coming out soon?
Good questions, there is an exciting product coming up soon
We are launching a new build-in product Milione in 5 days.
I can share some of its features:
  1. You can deposit MAP to earn USDT
  2. The yield rate is higher than most of the products on the market
  3. No lock-up, you can withdraw your asset anytime you want
  4. Profitable referral mechanism, you can invite your friends and earn money with them together.
Besides products, there are many more partnerships coming up, we have reached many other famous companies and exchanges. Please stay tuned, once it is confirmed, we will announce it in this group and our twitter.
#AMAwithKenny Bonus Question 1: Is there anything you want to say on the MAP piece?
Let's wait and see
#AMAwithKenny Bonus Question 2: What payment scenario do you have so far? Where can I use it?
We have launched MacroPay DAPP, you can download it here:
This DAPP can manage digital assets on multiple chains simultaneously, providing a "safe, professional, decentralized" solution for global online and offline product payments. You can use MarcoPay to shop in some stores in Thailand, and more shops will support MarcoPay in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and other countries.
#AMAwithKenny Bonus Question 3: What payment scenario do you have so far? Where can I use it? What is Kenny’s opinion on the future for MacoPolo Protocol Token and what are the most difficult challenges he encountered during the development of MarcoPolo Protocol?
MAP is planning to open more than 1000 retailer shops to do peer to peer payment transactions in 2020 across Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand. MAP has a strong technical team including developers and researchers around the world to make sure the project will be delivered in high quality and in time.
#AMAwithKenny Bonus Question 4: What’s the business model of MAP? Is building another public chain? Or you want to charge fees for the applications hosting on the chain? How do you make the business sustainable and profitable in the long run? How much return you expect to be able to get in 2-3 years of time frame?
Marcopolo protocol p2p electronic cash infrastructure will enable Defi, Dpayment, Dex applications. Successful applications will help to boost the on-chain ecosystem under MAP infrastructure. And applications who make profits will feedback to the community in the means of MAP token only. We will make sure the community and application developers win-win together then we can achieve a long term success.
MAP since listed in Kucoin 3 months ago has already gained 4 folds. We are pretty sure the token price will go up further according to the current strategy.
Recent Activity:
Airdrop, join it on Telegram at
💰Per Participant: 200 MAPC
💰Each Invite: 50 MAPC
💰You can withdraw MAPC to your wallet instantly and swap MAPC to MAP on MarcoPay
⬇️Start Receiving Airdrops:
⬇️Download MarcoPay:
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2018.10.01 09:06 rails1412 [Help] Speed up Group by after Group by

Hi everyone, Below is an example of my pricing_supports table have more than 3 milions rows.
There some rows having same values in the group fields(first_origin_id, delivery_id, cargo_type, equipment_type, rec_type, del_type) and I want to get records which min priority, then shortest total transit time after user filter
id pctl priority total_transit_time first_origin_id delivery_id cargo_type equipment_type rec_type del_type 1 "Check1" 1 "1200.00000" 83443 80595 "AB" "D" 4 4 2 "Check2" 1 "1200.00000" 83443 80595 "AB" "D" 4 4 3 "Check3" 2 "1289.00000" 83443 80595 "AB" "D" 4 4 4 "Check4" 1 "1500.00000" 117796 117796 "RD" "R" 4 4 5 "Check5" 1 "1200.00000" 117796 117796 "RD" "R" 4 4 
id pctl priority total_transit_time first_origin_id delivery_id cargo_type equipment_type rec_type del_type 1 "Check1" 1 "1200.00000" 83443 80595 "AB" "D" 4 4 2 "Check2" 1 "1200.00000" 83443 80595 "AB" "D" 4 4 5 "Check5" 1 "1200.00000" 117796 117796 "RD" "R" 4 4 
Because : #1,# 2, #3 in one group => #1 , #2 have min (priority) and same shortest total_transit_time( 1200)#4, #5 in one group and same priority=> #5 have shortest total_transit_time(1200)My query:
SELECT * FROM ( SELECT *, Min(total_transit_time) OVER (partition BY first_origin_id, delivery_id, cargo_type, equipment_type, rec_type, del_type) AS min_total_transit_time FROM ( SELECT *, Min(priority) OVER (partition BY first_origin_id, delivery_id, cargo_type, equipment_type, rec_type, del_type) AS min_priority FROM ( SELECT * FROM "pricing_supports" WHERE "pricing_supports"."service_scope_id" = 119 AND "pricing_supports"."service_scope_group_id" = 64 AND "pricing_supports"."route_indication" IN (0,1) AND ( source = 1 OR ( effective_date >= '2018-08-26 00:00:00.000000' AND effective_date <= '2018-09-02 23:59:59.999999')) )AS tb_base_filter ) AS tb_filter_por_del_by_sender WHERE priority = min_priority ) AS tb_priority_and_transit_time_filter 
WHERE total_transit_time = min_total_transit_time limit 300;But It's look very slow, took around 10s for 100.000 records result after search filter (service_scope_id = 119 AND ..)because it's need group by twice. Any advice for me to speed up?
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2018.03.20 12:00 adventureholix Help plan USA Roadtrip in a MILLION MILE LEXUS LS400

Hi Guys and Gals,
we managed to talk Matt Farah from u/thesmokingtire to lend us his famous Milion Mile Lexus LS400 1996 for a roadtrip around the continental USA. We intend to drive approximately 14-15,000 miles in 3 months (June-August 2018). Coast-to-Coast and back again. We will have an automotive theme running throughout the trip as we are big petrolheads and will therefore try to attend as many car related events/destinations as possible. At the moment we have bookmarked the following car shows and races to attend: Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance (August), Bonnavile Speed Week (August), Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (June), and Formula E in NYC (July). We also thought about attending Gridlife, but the dates don't suit our plans unfortunatly.
HERE IS THE ROUGH PLAN . The rought plan is to do California to Texas in June (spend 4th July with friends in Houston), Texas to Chicago in July, and the rest of the trip back west in August. We have plugged in tentative dates into the map linked above. This is still open to change and additional stops. I think we have a good grasp of the Mid and Southwest, California, and some of the east coast, but we need suggestions for the strentch from Houston to Washington, as well as for New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and the whole stretch between Chicago and Seattle. We are also interested to hear whether we will be missing out on something spectacular if we don't drive through the states we have omitted: Arkensas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana?
THIS IS HOW YOU CAN HELP US PLAN OUR TRIP: 1) Give us recommendations for places to see and stay along the way (we would love recommendations to hidden gems like wood/lake cabins and other off the beaten path destinations 2) Recommend any cool automotive events and stops (car shows, races, festivals, museums, etc.) 3) Share any cool ideas you think might be interesting to attemp in the #MillionMileLexus 4) Help us with our packing list (we will have a tent and camping equipment as well as a lot of photography and videography equipment) 5) Maybe someone can tell us whether foreigners can sign up with the AAA for brakedown assistance if the worst were to happen?
THE BASICS: 3 months on the road June-July-August 2018, coast to coast and back visiting as many states as we can, staying with friends as much as we can, camping, and using hotels/motels/B&Bs where necessery (prefer to find small and unique family run places), don't mind long drives as we enjoy the journey as much as the stops along the way. Finally, we realize it is a lot for three months, but we are determined to pack as much as we can into our timeframe.
A BIT ABOUT US We are Ana & Anton, husband & wife, and travel vloggers with a passion for everything automotive! Roadtrips are definitly our forte. Just last year we circumnavigated Iceland in a small camper van and we have a number of other roadtrip and overlanding journeys planned for the future, including driving the minimal-assistance Asian Rally in our Lada 2105 and overlanding South America! We have often found that planning a trip with the help of the online community is much more rewarding and we manage to get amazing recommendations in the past, as well as meet great people along the way. For previous trip we used the TripAdvisor forum, but just discovered Roadtrip and it seems to us it would be a pitty not to get your recommendations as well.
Cheers guys,
Anton & Ana
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2016.10.02 01:55 teo_many Seriously guys, the clues are all there!

Edit: added a tl;dr at the bottom.
Nintendo has been making both home consoles and handled for decades (shame on me for not knowing the exact amount), dominanting the latter until the dawn of smartphones as we know them today (god bless you long forgotten N-gage).
For someone that works in the industry, the dawn of iphones surely was a surprise, but I hardly think it took long to realize:"we have a problem".
With Wii and DS they established themselves as casual gaming, outside of the hardcore Sony/Microsoft competition (which considering PCs, is becoming more and more ridiculous, but that's another story, for another SubR) But with phones you have a new serious contender for casual gaming (already more winner than contender).
So what to do?
"I already produce both a handled AND a home console and my market is shrinking on both sides.
Well I could produce ONE device instead of two for starters, and since poweperformance is not my focus I could make a dockable portable (instead of...well...the real equivalent of a portable ps4/xobe are gaming laptops. Out of the question) But Motion controls are my casual-trojan horse in the living rooms, Everyone on earth now knows me for Wii sports and wiifit, so I have to somehow manage to maintain both of them on a dockable handled.
And what's the real difference between casual smartphone gaming and a portable console? Buttons. The precision and reliability of buttons. And I'm Nintendo for god's sake, I can't make a tablet with no buttons.
DS was an interesting opportunity for creative gameplay, but since the massive diffusion of smartphones and capacitive touchscreens, the need of two screens has become obsolete (I tried to add some value with a brilliant no-eyeglasses 3D, but that didn't work out in terms of selling). So I think I'll get rid of the Dual Screen concept for the handled. RIP.
So to recap:
Mmh but I have to test my theories...OK guys let's make WiiU. I don't know how we're going to explain what it is to buyers, since actually is half a concept on what I plan to make in the future, but I don't care anyway, because I made gazilions of milions of dollars with Wii& DS, and my first party titles are sufficient to keep the console alive.
Also, let's scale smash bros to be both a home and a handled title, because I need to know if the hardcore fans are interested in my future idea.
Zelda? Mmh delay that. Use it to sell the unique new features that comes with the console. Make it both a WiiU and launch title for NX like we did with Twilight Princess.
Now with NX:
R&D: guys you need to science the shit out of this project. I need a shrinked version of wiimotes, I can't afford to have too many peripherals around, that confuses the casual market, and I have to sell new models of peripherals anyway. I need to cut costs too if it's going to be a hybrid so they are going to be the only pads needed to play this thing out of the box, so cut the buttons from the 3DS and make the wiimotes detachable. I don't know why, just do it. This has to be simple guys. The docking station you ask? Well I need to be able to play an HD version of Mario kart, otherwise it's going to be seen as a back pass. Nowadays home consoles=at least 1080 and textures and visual quality has to stand up to the test, so find me a processor that can work alongside the handled one.
Games for PC work already that way: I produce one game with a scalable quality, so it can be played on a variety of devices. Let's use this pretest to make life easier to developers too guys, i don't want lack of support here.
But wait: where am I gonna store this games if this is going to be a handled hybrid? Well on cartridges! On cartridges you say? Yes! The WiiU is the only console out there that is still actively reading the game disk as you play, it's best for the speed if games are on a solid state. We already have the 3ds format of 8gb, we could scale up to 32gb with some cost of production, but with volume it should be manageable. And cartridges are good to sell the 80'/90' nostalgia.
But this is going to be tough with publishers! How are we going to convince them to sustain these costs? Well I hate to tell you but we really need to get up-to-date with that digital copy thing you hate so much. No problem, I already started to do some of that with WiiU.
What's missing now? Marketing. Strooooong marketing. We need to remind everyone in the world that we are the Mario guys. We are old school. We have a solid base of classics. We are the very main material on which those hipsters feed themselves. Let's open to Apps! Apps are a great way of doing marketing! What's the biggest we could throw out there? Pokemon! Pokemon GO! But it's a shitty version compared to the real deal, they'll loose interest! Who cares, it's free to play anyway, it's just marketing.
Also, release a NES/Famicom mini for Christmas, I need the nostalgia as charged as possible.
And the presentation should be mysterious, it should become worldwide phenomenon. "Who knows what Nintendo has in store for us?" It will be a super-secret. We need hype.
Well guys, we've planned every single detail for launch! What could go wrong? ... What do you say? We haven't designed it yet?"
The end.
tl;dr : rumours and leaks are not verifiable, but logic and market analysis leave Nintendo with not so many possibilities as the suggested by rumors and leaks. They can't afford to make 2 consoles anymore, and it's not like they will stop everything and start with smart watches.
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2016.04.03 00:59 Erdeppol Nuclear Throne Ultra Mod Update 5

Hello again. Here is the changelist again. If you want more regular updates you can follow me on my twitter: @Erdeppol
You can download the mod here
If you encounter any bugs or glitches or have any ideas or feedback you can tweet to me or post it below here.
  • Chesire cat! can move through walls shoots lasers at you and causes bullet hell also shoots missiles and spawns enemies. Goodluck!
  • Changed naming convention of updates to just include the update number first and not 1.blahblah
  • Flame pellets!
  • incinerator
  • mini incinerator this is like a double machinegun but with flame pellets
  • flame pop gun
  • reduced screenshake for quadruple shotgun
  • flame shotgun
  • double flame shotgun
  • auto flame shotgun
  • quadruple flame shotgun
  • sword bullets have more friction
  • energy sword bullets have even more friction
  • Gators are now more aggressive
  • panda stick added this is like chickens sword but faster and does less damage
  • increased weppickup mask size which should make it easier to pickup weapons this may cause some other issues when weapons are spawned in thight spaces but that has to be tested
  • optimised some ultra mutation sound array code
  • Added Rebel's ultra D art made by reddit
  • added Hunter's ultra c art
  • increased chance of getting a regular mutation tip instead of an ultra tip
  • IDKWID now does not include the oops gun it also costs a lot more ammo now. As per request by some
  • Added time bomb. this is a super rare weapon drop for Lill Hunter
  • Popo grenades now no longer explode upon touching you
  • you can now hit back Popo grenades!
  • regular melee slash has less sleep
  • splinter crossbow is now slightly faster and the crossbow is created a little further ahead then the splinters meaning this will hit earlier. efficiently dealing damage
  • lowered the dmg enemy discs do
  • DIRECTOR WEAPONS these guns can change direction if you fire again while the projectiles are still in the air
  • Director eraser
  • Flame Director eraser
there may be way to many shell weapons in the game now so if anyone has a bolt or explosive or bullet weapon idea?
  • seeker bolts added bolt barrow increases how many penetration they have by 2 their speed by 1 and homing strength by 1 eagly eyes makes it so they know where walls are and try to avoid them giving you the ability to shoot around corners they also gain 1 extra penetration. eagle eyes also neglects the time before seekers start seeking
  • inverted bandits now start attacking later
  • super eraser spawns later now
  • pop hyper rifle now shoots 5 pellets instead of 6
  • MEGA INCINERATOR quadriple machingeun with flame pellets
  • sounds changed for line grenade
  • sfx changed for hyper plasma cannon
  • Robot's multifunctional ultra now produces even more rads
  • Line of Blood added: similar to line grenade but with blood explosions
  • line grenade slower rate of fire
  • line of fire spawns one area later
  • line of toxic fire rate decreased
  • raging ratkings now have a shadow (which is still not fixed in the released version)
  • inverted bandits now act slower
  • inverted bandits drop more rads
  • inverted bandits have less hp
  • inverted big maggots now act slower
  • inverted big maggots now have less health
  • inverted big maggots drop more rads
  • big inverted maggots now move slightly slower when enraged
  • lightning shovel is now called lightning shovel instead of shovel
  • lightning shovel spawns one area later and has slower reload time
  • Blood bullets now have their own mask making it so they are more reliable in destroying projectiles
  • Slash shotgun added this is a weird shotgun that is kinda like a flak cannon but more like a slugger and a shotgun in one. bursting pellets in a slash.
  • Slash spiral shotgun shoots pellets in a spiral pellet
  • super slash spiral shotgun spins multiple times
  • slash eraser similar to slash shotgun but with eraser shots
  • director shotguns click ones shoot a normal shotgun shoot again and the pellets change direction towards your crosshair
  • director rifle similar to the director shotgun but is a rifle that shoots 5 director bullets
  • director flame shotguns similar to director shotguns but with flaming pellets
  • fixed a crash related to snowbots eploding on top of props
  • eraser weapons now don't drop a milion shells
  • toxic dragon now stops its sound
  • Quadruple shotgun now spawns later
  • fixed some spelling mistakes
  • Purple drake now drops a shit ton of ammo
  • enemies in area 8 now start attacking you much later
  • less sleep when a pellet hits a wall
  • time thrower added this is a flamethrower that increases power and speeds up the game the longer you fire it. This thing is stupid don't use it. Its an interesting idea my friend came up with but it doesn't work that well I think
  • Nuke now homes in on your crosshair more
  • Heavy assault pistol added fires 2 heavy bullets
  • flare shotgun fire rate has been lowered and tip has changed
  • AUTO FLARE gun
  • increased snow bot car throw range
  • snow bot now has a higher chance to throw car
  • THE CAR THROWER this weapon throws cars. The cars destroy projectiles, and cause bigger explosions then a normal grenade.
  • fixed a bug related to Plant ultra C and D confusion in the snare
  • assault seeker shotgun
  • added a tip to hunter about marking
  • changed first frame of swordbullet sprite
  • improved credits
  • added my twitter to credits. Its easier to keep you guys up to date with patches and progress etc. there
  • Mini seeker pistol this is an early game weapon giving you more varity in the early game
  • Splinter seeker added splinter gun seeker pistol hybrid
  • seeker crossbow added crossbow seeker pistol hybrid
  • long assault rifle added another early game weapon. very slow weapon that fires 8 bullets in burst
  • Mini Lightning pistol added more early game weaponry for varried early game cause early game is boring.
  • Kraken Gun added this is a weird gun, it spawns a tentacle that tries to grab enemies then drags them to you and drags them into blood explosions that get spawned on top of you. After the kraken pulls something towards you there are a couple of invinsibility frames.
  • Kraken Cannon added this thing is even more riduclous. Longer and more arms, and more damage!
  • Kraken big gun added in between kraken gun and kraken cannon in power level etc.
  • reduced chance for discguys to get spawned
  • reduced enemies spawned in wonderland slightly
  • increased chance IDKWID drops by a tiny bit.
  • Time thrower is dropped by Purple Drake (super rare)
  • DOUBLE SUPER PLASMA CANNON this is dropped on loop in the labs good luck. it also costs 48 ammo
  • Bouncer flak cannon now no longer decreases in speed and is more like a bouncer weapon. It dies and spawns bouncer bullets after some time passed
  • Ultra seekers added these already avoid walls better then regular seekers with eagle eyes. Eagle eyes improves wall avoidance hit increase is the same as regular seekers bolt marrow increases it by 2 and eagle eyes by 1 eagle eyes and bolt marrow also improve the speed and turnrate
  • Optimised some boss code
  • optimised plasma ball code a little
  • Ultra Seeker pistol shoots 4 ultra seekers
  • Changed sheeps description a tiny bit
  • Chicken's ninja Ultra now works with every melee weapon
  • sheeps tackle now has sound effects, screenshake and freezeframes depending on the power of the tackle
  • increased strong spirit invincibility frames a tiny bit
  • removed sleep and melee sound effect when enemies in the distance are fighting each other
  • EUPHORIA has been buffed: in addition to slowing bullets down euphoria now also gives you a short period of invincibility whenever you get hit
  • rage has been buffed slightly fire rate increases more now
  • SUPERHOT guns These weapons shoot heavy bullets. And they act like the game superhot when you DONT move enemies and projectiles are nearly still. when you do move projectiles and enemies start moving again. be carefull though cause enemy projectiles will move faster whne wielding this gun and walking. They are a bit silly may be a bit broken technically and balance wise (underpowered or overpowered) so that needs to be tested.
  • FLAME WAVE GUN aka. stefgun 2.0
  • sheep now has some menu animations
  • Changed some ultra mutations
  • updated strong spirit indicator sprite to be smaller
  • rage is now slightly more visible
  • gamma guts visual indicator effect is now slightly biggger
  • removed some sprite empty spaces to save memory
  • Updated Ultra art
  • Updated HUD Ultra art
  • Big dog now sleeps longer and is harder to wake up
  • changed chicken's thronebutt animation slightly to have more frames
  • optimised some more code
  • REDUCED THE CHANCE YOU CAN GET STUCK IN WWALLS! this involved lasers and its all weird not sure how it works yet but it should be fine now hopefully probably
  • Now when you do get stuck in walls you destroy the wall. This is hopefully not exploitable
  • Hunter's thronebutt now does more damage
  • bouncer smg has been made slightly less accurate
  • Lava ball enemy hit sound has been changed
  • Lava ball enemy death sound has been changed
  • Lava Ball enemies now have a fireing sound
  • toxic dragon sounds changed
  • line of toxic sound changed
  • added a fire sound to firebats
  • made Purple Drake slightly act slightly faster
  • reduced chance of trap getting spawned in scrapyard some more
  • firebats now dodge slightly less far
  • yung cuz thronebutt now gives more ammo
  • Morphing objects are now considered projectiles(may cause bugs or fixes idk)
  • hopefully fixed a limbo glitch thing where after you enter the crib as yv you would get stuck in between levels before the sewers
  • Hopefully fixed random skipping to 3-1!
  • Enemies no longer check if theyre outside of the level this was buggy and may of caused some crashes
  • updated sewers tiles
  • removed some sounds that were never used
  • changed enemy generation in vulcano area
  • Big dog level now spawns less enemies
  • the splinter bow is now called the small splinter gun to avoid confusion
  • splinter seeker crossbow!
  • less toxicthrower screenshake
  • increased chance for B skin
  • There are now over 200 weapons!
  • optimised some mutation selecting code
  • C skin for YV!
  • POPO explosions now use seperate collision masks per frame. This makes it so you don't get hit when the explosion has almost dissapeared
  • POPO NADES dont explode when you touch them
  • enemy discs travel a little less far now
  • reduced chance disc guy shoots a disc
  • disc guy is a little slower acting
  • fixed a crash when firing a laser cannon with a yung cuz dupe out
  • hunter now says higher projectile velocity
  • sheep's tackle is now called charge and its description is slightly changed to make clear that you can hold the button, guys you can hold it and it does more damage over time ;D
  • Freeze bullets now give you 2 bullets back with recycle gland
  • enemies spawn even more further away from you
  • reduced purple drake's firebreath range a tiny bit
  • protostatues now have more health
  • enemy discs move slightly slower now
  • blood bullet shotgun and bullet shotgun fire rate decreased slightly
  • most levels are now slightly smaller
  • optimised spiral code for in portals
  • optimised debris & spiraldebris code (breaking walls shouldn't lagg the game as much as before now)
  • Player sprite and sound loading has been optimised (this may bugs)
  • fixed a thing where one shovel slash would move slightly further then others using long arms wtf
  • jackhammer and energy jackhammer now work with long arms
  • YV going to crib now works correctly at level 10 and not earlier
  • firetraps are now slightly slower and don't play sounds while another firetrap sound is being played
  • level loading has been optimised
  • fixed a loading freeze (probably) related to no tips being found causing an infinite loop.
  • updated big dog missiles art
  • implemented an ideaot suggested memory leakage fix
As always feedback and bug reports are much appreciated!
previous changelist
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2012.08.03 10:30 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: IAm Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer & The Giz Wiz. AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-08-02
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
I was one of the former MAD devotees (I couldn't have been the only one) who abruptly stopped buying the magazine after it started running ads. I let my subscription run out, and stopped getting the Super Specials from newsstands (except the one that had a feature and an exclusive interview with Frank Jacobs, because Frank Jacobs is awesome — no offense). Advertising just completely undid its image as an irreverent, antiestablishment publication. Do you regret MAD's decision now? Did you when the decision was made? Has MAD ever issued an official statement regarding its decision, other than "No, Bill Gaines isn't spinning in his grave, he was cremated, ha ha ha"? How did you get the title "MAD's Maddest Writer"? I mean, it goes without saying that Don Martin was its maddest artist, but what makes you madder than all the other writers? MAD with ads never bothered me. Because MAD in color sold better than in b&w, but it was too $$$ to do all the time. But if we sold ads, they would pay for a color press run and anything else in color didn't cost us anything additional. I needed a title for TV interviews so I said "Bill, can I be MAD's Maddest Writer" -- Gaines said -- why not, if anyone is MAD's maddest writer, it's you, so I took it with his blessing...
Hey Dick, huge fan! How did you get your start at MAD? Was it through an internship or something similar, or did you manage to sneak in through the back door and they let you stay after they realised how good you were...? I started at MAD by sending a script through the mail. When my own SASE came back I was heart broken. But when I opened it - it was stuffed with cardboard with a note --- ha, ha, thought this was your script coming back. We bought it --- here's a check!!
A bunch of the members of chatrealm would love to have you on NSFW Show and play a TWiT-friendly version of The Match Game with Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young. Is it true that the reason this has not happened yet is because you and Justin are mortal enemies? Justin & I have not met, so we're not mortal enemies yet. Once we met, we will never speak to each other again...
What Match Game question are you the proudest of? Unlucky Louie was so unlucky -- How unlucky was he? --- He went on a diet and lost 3" --- but he didn't lose it from his waist -- he lost it from his ______!
I know you did some Giz Wiz segments back on The Screen Savers years ago, but how long have you known Leo Laporte? Did you meet him prior to The Screen Savers? No, I wanted to meet Leo & told Screen Savers I would be in town during the Gourmet Show which I was covering for ABC News. I just asked to come to the studio,but they said: "bring stuff from the show & be on the air". I met Leo on the air --- we had a great time --- and it goes on still today. (I don't know about tomorrow though.)
Whats your most prized piece of writing you've done for MAD? I like some of the titles for my movie and TV take-offs -- Voyage To The Bottom of Sea --- I wrote: Voyage to See What's On The Bottom ---
Posedien Adventure = Poopsidedown Adventure..
What did/do you think about MAD cutting back from its monthly issues to 6 issues a year? Was it in response to declining readership, or was it a cost-cutting decision by management? (or both?) I wish MAD were monthly, but now with the MAD website they can do very current things. I guess it was cost-cutting --- those decisions are made out in corporate headquarters in Burbank.
Is there any chance that it'll become monthly again? I doubt it. The website now does daily free stuff which can be REALLY topical!
Any tips for sensing when a sentence is actually funny? Do you share your lines with friends to see if it works, or does it become something intuitive? Well joke lines usually stick to the 3 formula --- straight thing, straight thing, joke ----
Dick, Congrats on your upcoming marriage!!! You did seem on TWiT, at least to me, a little uncomfortable talking about it. Is this because you were not public about your orientation for so long until now, so that it is now harder for you to be "out" than it is for a younger person without the baggage of your years of feeling you had to hide a part of yourself? Well everyone who's a friend knows the story, but being gentle because of a family thing.
Hey Dick, listened and read MAD since the Daily Giz Wiz! My question is what is the craziest gadget you have in the warehouse? I guess MistyMate was the weirdest until it hit 100 degrees in NY and I actually tried it.... You wear it, attach it to your hat or eyeglasses and it "mists" you as you walk!
My grandma gave one to me almost 10 years ago and I made fun of it until the Colorado summers got bad. Then I worshipped it. The one in the warehouse is almost 25 years old. Imagine my surprise when I did a web search and found the company still makes it and a ton of other what they call 'misting products'.
Hey Dick, I don't read MAD too often, but I enjoy your tech reporting. I love the tech podcasts though, and I really enjoyed Leo's AMA earlier. What is it like working with Leo? What's your favorite show to appear on? Being on The Giz Wiz with Leo is great. He's up for anything. And he has an amazing sense of humor....
What is one gadget that you have seen/own that makes you say "why on earth would anyone need this?!?!" I-smell --- was supposed to be a real gadget -- it was shown at CES --- hooked up to your TV and was supposed create smells for TV shows you watch... Talk about a stupid concept... Besides many TV shows smell with no electronics needed...
How was it like to work with The Maddest Artist? Surprising the MAD writers and artists don't actually work together. We're all over the country. So it's all down in the original script which is written like a movie script with scene directions. But the artists add a ton of stuff of their own..
BTW, MAD's Maddest Artist Don Martin was a really quiet guy. The only time I saw him break out laughing was when I bent down pet a tiny dog. The dog leaped at my face and I fell backwards. Don couldn't stop laughing after he said --- "yeah, I can see how much dogs love you"... He had amazing talent as an artist. He's passed on now.
Thanks for doing an AMA Mr. DeBartolo! I have been reading MAD magazine since I was a kid. How has MAD changed as an organization since MAD TV, the advent of the Internet, etc? What are some of the biggest changes you've seen? Well, when Gaines was around, it was more a mom & pop kind of place. Now it's more corporate --- rules & regs, etc. Gaines used to say 'do anything you want, just give me a funny magazine'
The biggest change in MAD is finally getting into the digital age. They have a very active website, updated daily and a digital version of MAD for the iPad -- you do the fold-in with the mouse --- too many complaints of broken iPads doing it manually.
How many subscribers does MAD have? You know, I really don't know. My guess is about 200,000. I'm out of the loop since MAD went bi-monthly. I just drop up there once or twice a week.
Congrats on the Inkpot award! That was amazing. I was wondering why after all these years the ComicCon suddenly make me an 'invited guest' -- (that means they pay for your airfare & hotel) and you have to put on a show or two and appear on some panels. But when they presented the award, I really was taken aback. (But I won't let them take it back!)
Was your ComicCon panel taped? I'd love to watch it! You know, I didn't tape it --- I don't know if the ComicCon did....
What's your process when making a movie parody? How many times do you watch the movie, and how do you select what to focus on? Do you ever have an idea of what you're going to write about before you see the film? I usually see a movie once, and take notes as I watch into a tape recorder -- (I sit in the back so as not to annoy anyone) I had to see Avengers twice because there was SO MUCH going on .... I sometimes might think of a joke or two before I go from the ads or a comm'l on TV.
If you had enough money to publish your own magazine, what would it be about? Wow, I'd never want to publish an actual magazine in this digital age --- but if it was digital --- I'd just do off-the-wall gadgets --- even more off the wall that what I find now.
I like the new Saturday chat fest even more than the DailyWeeklyEtc. Your stories and humor and rapport with the chatroom are just wonderful. A real treat. I think Leo said this Saturday thing might just be temporary to keep people happy until they adjust to the day change of GizWiz. I hope you keep doing the Saturday chat thing permanently. Will you? Thanks for all the fun. Yeah, I have fun doing it to. I plan on doing it for the foreseeable future. And thanks for the kind words... See you Sat.
Hi Dick, I was in the Twit brick house audience last week and saw live. The Giz Wiz is a very funny show. How long do you plan on doing it? Is the show in jeopardy at all? I hope not, it is a very entertaining show! I'll do it for as long as they'll let me.... I hope I said hello to you! Thanks for the kind words...
Hi Mr. D! Thanks again for all the What the Heck Is It? issues that you have sent us. What game-changing gadget have you seen lately? I remember the first Walkman (and later iPod) I listened to and couldn't help thinking Wow this changes everything. -or- Is there a gadget you thought would change everything and it never materialized? Right now, I don't see anything that's going to have the impact of the tablet or the smart phone. They started entire new industries to promote all the accessories. Tech today seems to be tweaks to what's out there already. Something that was going to change the world and didn't I guess would be the Segway. I'd love to have one -- but at $5,000 ain't gonna happen...
Hi, I'm a huge fan of your work at MAD. What's your most prized piece of MAD memorabilia? What current comedy source makes you laugh the most (comedian, TV show)? I have a MAD pin Bill gave the Usual Gang of Idiots years ago. These days I still LOVE the Simpsons -- a lot of the Brit Coms --- Sitcoms, I hooked on the reruns -- Frazier, Seinfeld, Friends,
What is your most favorite MAD article of all time? And how did you feel about Don Martin moving to Cracked magazine? I liked Towering Sterno & Kung Fool satires --- I was saddened when Don Martin went over to Cracked -- we have worked on several MAD books together.
I have some of those books. Last question, is Tom Bunk as crazy as his illustrations? Love your magazine man, thanks. Tom Bunk looks a little crazed -- at least when he visits MAD --- but he's very normal on the street.....
When I was a kid growing up near Boston I often thought it would be neat to go to NY City and eat lunch outside the MAD office building. That is, hoping to catch the MAD crew eating lunch. Did you MAD guys go out to lunch together? Was my dream destined for failure? We rarely ate out together --- more often we ordered in. Why didn't you just come up to the office. We left folks in and gave them a tour. I do remember seeing you lurking around outside though.
Wiggum. Thanks for the spell update. I knew it didn't look right!
I remember reading MAD magazine when I was in second grade. And I still love it today. When writing/editing your material, what readership do you have in mind? What ages? What do you consider your true target audience? Gaines never did a reader's survey. He said: "let's never know who our audience is, so we don't suddenly start writing for a special age group". When TimeWarner took over they did do a reader's survey. I don't remember all the figures - but I do remember being AMAZED that we had a large -- I think 25 to 30% of readers who are 25 and above. Not only in late teens early 20's. So they leave MAD and many come back. Also father's introduce it to their sons -- thank goodness!!!
If you didn't do comedy or write about gadgets, what would you think you would be doing? If I were really rich, I'd own a small RR......
What kind of boat do you have now? If you could have any boat in the world, what would it be? I have a little workboat, a Farallon 23' with a 225 Yamaha outboard engine. -- click on Gadgets Ahoy to see it... You know I guess I'd like a really big version of what I have -- like 38' feet or so with a 14' beam --- but still a rugged kind of boat, that goes at least 30 knots.
Dick, what is your favourite Pringles flavour? BBQ!
Really? Not sour cream and onion? That's my 2nd fav.
Did Laporte put you up to this? Actually Glenn at TWiT said I would enjoy it. I wasn't sure, but now I'm happy about about it. Thanks, Glenn. I hope he wasn't kidding about the new Mustang that everyone gets.
How long have you had that wonderful mustache? (please tell me you were born with it!) How can I, a 33 year-old male, grow such a manly mustache? Been a fan since I was 12. Thanks for the great memories! Had the 'stache for about 25 years. It started with a small accident on my boat. A friend was driving rather quickly toward an on-coming wave. I stood up to tell him to slow down, but I was too late. We hit the wave and my mouth hit the stainless grab rail. It broke off a tooth that cut thru my lip. I had stitches and couldn't shave for weeks. The stache hit the stitches and I liked it because it made me feel less bald on top. So it stayed, and even became my trademark. Thanks for a being a fan!
This was a pretty popular post on reddit a month ago... How was your personal experience being location scouted by Woody Allen? I was so nervous about talking to him, I basically didn't --- he was all business and was terrified on the docks moving.... I didn't seen say I worked for MAD..... I just showed him around and he told me why he wasn't going to use my boat, and that was it. He seems a bit more frail than I expected.
Why do you guys keep changing up how many issues you print a year? One of the reasons I quit reading as a kid was because I got tired of waiting. I never knew if you guys would put out 3 in two months or 1 in six. When Gaines was alive to printed more issues in the summer because people had time to read. He didn't print a September issue because kids won't be busy with back to school. It may have seemed random, but Gaines spend months figuring out the best months to sell MAD.
Thanks for doing this IAmA, Dick. MAD never fails to make me crack a smile, keep up the great work! I have to ask, why does the table of contents always include an "article" that isn't there when you turn the page to find it? It's to drive people crazy. We constantly get emails: "you guys really screwed up - you left an article out" --- but shhhh!!! don't let the secret out. We love those emails....
Something that I just remembered about the "Star Roars" parody. There's a panel where R2-D2 complains that he's stuck with a "Fag Robot" (This can be seen in the original issue and in MAD at the Oscars) but it's changed to "Gay Robot" in MAD About Star Wars. Why did they change it? You know, I'm not sure why they changed it, but I'm glad they did. I dislike words that are supposed to be the joke. Like a swear word said by an old lady guess a big laugh, but it's not a joke. I know I didn't use that word in the original, but then again I guess I didn't write it.
I once saw Johnny Olsen at a taping of Match Game in L.A. ~76. When they played the music while the contestant wrote his answer, he did this writhing, bizarre dance-in-place at his mic. He seemed to be a little weirder than his TV presence let on. I was at Match Game, because a friend was a panelist with his wife: Donald Ross and Patti Deutsch. Don was one of those Goodson-Todman "stars," because he was Patti's husband. Patti was one of those Goodson-Todman "stars" by virtue of her being on "Match Game." Those "stars" who were stars only because they were on the show always seemed like one of those logical fallacies they teach in philosophy classes. Syllogisms? Did you ever know Don Ross or his wife? No, I didn't know either one. And yes, Johnny Olson was always uninhibited. But he was a great warm up guy. Jackie Gleason wouldn't do a show w/o Johnny doing the warm-up. When Gleason moved to Miami we had to change the Match Game schedule so Johnny could leave early enough to get to Miami for Jackie's warm-up!
Whats the most unique thing about working at a magazine? Back in the Gaines days, it was a nutty place. Gaines put white wine in the water cooler one day, I had model trains running in office... In corporate headquarters that really doesn't happen.
These days I don't go to the office on a regular basis. Actually there are only about 5 full time people at MAD & two people who work 3 days a week. The entire contents of the magazine is bought from free-lancers, mostly the Usual Gang of Idiots who live all over the country. But meetings at MAD can be long -- but often spiked with some pretty funny ad-libs, so it's better than a normal office.
What do you think you would be doing if you hadn't chosen to do what you do now? I dread to think of what I'd be doing because nothing else appeals to me. When i was a kid, I built a studio in our house in Brooklyn and broadcast to no one --- no I have Gizneyland, my own studio I use for TWiT -- it really amazing. Link to this is either the dropcam for my studio, or my boat...
What did you have for lunch? Crackers and cheese, chocolate chip cookie, lemon square, pecan square. Yep, a total health nut.
How did you originally get into this position? Did you have someone refer you in? Or just had amazing skillz? Hmm....which position are refer too... I started at MAD through the mail, and writing for TV by being the office boy and making jokes all the time..
What are your top 3 videogames? Do you like the latest PS3, Xbox360, PC games? This may come as a shock, but I own no gaming device. I really do work a lot, and don't play games. But I do watch a lot of old b&w movie. Thank you, Turner Classic Movies!
What is the most unexpectedly usefull gadget you've came across? The smartphone --- I resisted getting on the bandwagon for the longest time, but now I love owning own! Calendar, notes, watch my TV anywhere with Belkin @TV...amazing...currently Samsung Galaxy 3.
I'm very excited about this AMA! I read Good Days and Mad cover to cover more times than I can remember. My question is, do you think Mad Magazine has retained its relevance and how can it continue to do so in the years to come? Well, MAD doesn't have the impact it did at the beginning. In the beginning MAD was the only publication telling people the gov't could be screwed up, and companies could be out to cheat you, etc. --- now, years later, everyone knows that. And there's SNL and all sorts of satire. But I do think MAD still does pretty good poking fun at sacred cows. Just fun -- not sharp instruments!!
What is your favorite thing about Mad? Who is your favorite member of the Usual Gang of Idiots? How did Alfred E. Neuman lose that tooth? Favorite thing about MAD, seeing a bad movie and not only making some $$ satirizing it, but getting the price of the ticket back from petty cash! -- Al Jaffee is my current MAD hero --- 91 years old and still doing those fantastic fold-ins!! --- Alfred isn't missing a tooth, it's a glass tooth you can see thru!
Is it true that one of the MAD magazines was forbidden in allot of newsstands cause the front page was the middle finger? did you guys get any reports or something? Yes, the 'finger' issue turned out to offend a lot of people. It was a satire on the Avis ad "we're #1" -- except the cover was a hand with the middle finger extended. Of course now it's tame, and a collector's item.
How many boxes of crap have you sent out so far? You know it's probably more than 200 boxes of crap! The warehouse was the stupidest move ever --- rent is now $395 a month to store crap.... but it's hard to part with for some strange reason.
I have heard you talk about your boats and all, how do you afford to have all that you do? I work long hours and do a lot of jobs. Weekends are basically just two regular days, I usally work part of every single days --- and I don't live in luxury -- that leaves me $$ for gadgets and boats...
Hey Dick! I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to you and Leo babble about gadgets on the Daily Giz Wiz. I wrote in a few times to the show as well! Are you a ninja or a pirate guy? Arrgggg, matey ---- shiver my timbers.....
I was obsessed with Mad Magazine. I hated Cracked, I even hate the website and all these young kids don't know why. blllaarrgh. How would you characterize Reddit in a Mad magazine article? We would have to wait until everyone know more about Reddit to satirize it. Because satire is based on everyone knowing the original source. But Reddit is growing fast, so maybe....
Have you ever read Cracked Magazine? And if yes, what do you think of them? I didn't read Cracked because I didn't want to support it by buying a copy.
What was your favorite trip with Bill Gaines? Trip to Tahiti -- sitting with Gaines on the beach -- most amazing sunset in the world -- ocean so clear you could see fish 50 feet down --- and me turning to Gaines and saying: "What made you drag us to this hellhole?" Gaines laughed hard and then said....."hellhole? -- what kind of brain could even come up with that word here???"
Wow, blast from the past! You gotta wait for people to notice your AMA is here. To be honest, I haven't thought about MAD in years. Do you think the magazine changed a lot when Bill died? For me it was like the end of an era. To me, it hasn't really changed that much. From time to time they would say let's leave out Spy Vs. Spy or the Fold-In or --- and of course we'd get complaints -- "that's my favorite part!" So I'd say more than half of MAD is features everyone wants.... It's certainly more edgy now because it's reflecting the times.
I've read a bunch of the mad books you wrote, they're all from when my parents were kids. what do you think your best work would be? Since I love old movies, I like my movie satire books best.
What's the funniest thing uve ever wrote/heard before? I think the funniest thing I wrote was a fake ad for an OTC drug called STOPPA-DA-SNEEZING. I liked the side effects which included "your heart may speed up, slow down, go sideways, or in rare cases become a second liver". And under directions: "If you can drive a nail into your forehead with a 2 X 4 and not feel a tingling sensation, you may want to consider cutting your dosage"
Hey i know this'll be hard but... favourite issue? You're right, it's very hard to pick a favorite issue, so I guess I'll pick the one that had the most of my stuff in it! (I have no idea which one that would be though, but it would be one with a movie satire. I love writing those.)
Could you write about wood in the next issue? George Wood, the great theme writer, or wood like a 2 X 4?
Dick, I am a big fan of yours, and have enjoyed watching you and Leo on the TWiT network. Congrats on that Inkpot Award! Wish I could have seen that, as I grew up in San Diego and usually went to Con, as I worked in comics for awhile as a colorist, including for Sergio Aragones, who is such an amazing man. Do you have any good stories about working with Sergio? Thanks again for all the laughs! A fun Sergio story! Sergio and I both know Judo. So on the MAD trips, like when we were at the pool, we would pretend not to know each other, get into a fight and throw each other around. Gaines loved it!
Hey Dick, Love the giz wiz, When did you get started in boating, and how?I love boating and the ocean. I started boating in the late 60's. I live near the marina and bought a little 18' foot boat --- then started writing for a boating magazine along with everything else.
Longtime fan of Match Game, in all its incarnations. Have you written any questions for the new Canadian version? No, I don't have another Match Game question in me --- I wrote about 40,000 over 18 years. I'm __________.
Dick, I remember reading "Good Days and Mad" in '95 as a 12 year old. I wanted to thank you for sharing so much great information about the magazine and the people that made it what it is. That said, where is Bill buried and do you plan on being buried beside him? Also, given your streak do you consider yourself the Cal Ripken Jr. of Mad? Bill was cremated and I will be too. But I want my ashes spread in the Hudson River using the SeaUrn - a biodegradable funeral ash urn. I have one, in Dick's Gadget Warehouse. Yes, for real.
Well Bill was cremated, as I plan to be. But after my demise my ashes are headed for the Hudson River for a burial on or in my favorite river. ( See the reply below re: Sea Urn.) As far as my streak with MAD, I hope to go on until I perish. Look at Al Jaffee - still doing those great fold-ins at 91+!
Thanks for the response, man. Really cool to have your question answered by a game show legend. Oh, one more thing: how was the blank written on the cards that Gene would read? Was it like you've written above? Yes, on Rayburn's card it was written as a ______________.
Whats serigo argones like? Serigo is outgoing, and can do an amazing sketch in about a minute. We used to 'fake fight' on MAD trips since we both knew Judo. There's a longer version of this above.
Never owned a car, but do you know how to drive? Are you a menace at the go-kart track? I have a driver's license so I can use it as ID. The last time I drove was about 15 years ago when I was in Nashville to tape some shows for the Nashville Network. Roads are less crowded than NYC.
Have you ever lived outside of New York City? Born in Bklyn, moved to Manhattan --- so a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge is my only living travel.
Where do you find all your crazy gadgets for your videos on twit and for what the heck is it? I go to a LOT of trade shows, send for a lot of crap on the Internet and go through a ton of press releases.
How do you look after you amazing facial hair? How much time do you spend attending to it? My stache pretty much just keeps growing and once a week or so I check it out in the mirror after someone complains it looks lop-sided or unkempt.
Thanks for your reply, also, thanks for putting your dropcam on your boat in the big storm you had. Despite the tense circumstances, it was so relaxing to listen to. I did have to turn the mic off. Neighbors and guests did not like the idea someone could be ease-dropping. (if that's the correct spelling.)
Do you think there are any current publications which competitively hold up to MAD magazine? MAD pretty much as the field to itself right now. Cracked mag is gone and The Onion has funny bits, but then some real articles and reviews too. And Lampoon left the scene a long ago too.
thing. i love MAD. and second what do you do in your spare time? I don't have that much spare time, but I do love to go out on the Hudson a few times a week and maybe just cruise up to the George Washington Bridge. Read magazine, no books, though. Pop Science, Trains, Computer mags... and answer emails - I have over 1,000 right now...
What are some of your ideas for giveaways at the conventions, Like the "Alfred E. Neuman's Manufactured Hand-it-over card" card given out at the publishers conventions? We had the Alfred E. Neuman Memo Pads -- with Alfred's picture & printing on every sheet, so there was only a stamp sized place to actually write a memo. 3D glasses --- cardboard frames with cutouts for your eyes -- instructions were: "put them on, have friends throw stuff at you and see how amazingly 3D it looks!"
Will you ever do another book, like your book "Good Days and MAD?" Gee, I don't think so. I don't enjoy writing something so long. I like short form satire, so I guess that's what I'll stick with - at least for now. But if Gaines comes back, I'll do another book!
You've told a lot of stories about Bill Gaines* on The Daily Giz Wiz, do you have a favorite you'd want to share with us? *creator of MAD Magazine for those who don't know. My shipboard story elsewhere in this thread is my favorite -- 2nd was Gaines rented a private RR car for 12 of us & taking us to Boston for the day!! Amazing trip.
Hi Dick, How's your Digi-Vina runing these days? (Mine is still cranking out the platters) :D Oh, thank God for Digi-Vina, I invested a million dollars and two empty soda bottles into that venture. Oh wait --- I invested 2 dollars and a milion empty bottles into that venture. Ingenious invention! I've already made back almost 35 cents, so it's doing better than Facebook.
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